Windows 7 Ultimate x64 YuGiOh Include Office 2007 Pre-Activated

Windows 7 Ultimate x64 YuGiOh

@Iceman96 Requested this, so here it is :)

Q: Are there updates for this?
A: Updated thru January 2020, so maybe.

Q: Is this USB 3.0 compatible?
A: Not sure, depends if the person who made the original ISO added it in.

Q: Should I use this as my default OS?
A: Probably not. No support or security updates after January 2020, so use at your own risk.

Q: Does it work?
A: Yes, superbly! As fast as you remember Windows 7 being, and rock solid stability.


Windows 7 Ultimate x64
Language: English
Size: 4.58gb


Media Player
Media Center

NOTE: Both can be added back in via Control Panel\Programs\Windows Features




20 Custom Wallpapers
3 Custom Themes
Scorpion Icon Pack
Firefox Browser
.Net 4.0 Framework
MS Visual Basic AIO
MS Office Enterprise 2007
DX9 Updates
Right Click Enhancer
Tweakslogon (Located C:\Win7 Extras)
Start Button Changer (Located C:\Win7 Extras)

NOTE: NOT activated. Activation included and located at
C:\Windows 7 Loader. Run Loader as ADMINISTRATOR and enjoy!

NOTE: DAZ Activator will show up as malware. Its safe.

NOTE: Wallpapers included and located at C:\Wallpapers.

NOTE: Add a Virus Scanner BEFORE browsing the web.
Security Essentials is obsolete and wont detect any new Virus, spam, malware.

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