Torque Drift v2.14.0 (Free Purchases)

Torque Drift v2.14.0 (Free Purchases)

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Torque Drift Apk info

Torque Drift Mod APK Game is a 3D driving game where, instead of trying to be the first one to cross the finish line as quickly as possible, your mission is to get the best score by drifting. The longer you manage to drift, the better your score will be.


In the control options, you can choose between various different control systems: either using the accelerometer or touchscreen buttons. Whichever mode you choose, the key to drifting successfully is to try to maintain a correct balance between speed, the use of the hand brake, and direction. That’s the only way you’ll manage to stack up to the best players.

In Torque Drift you’ll find tons of content. On the one hand, you have dozens of different tracks available, including rural landscapes, closed tracks, and cities. While on the other hand, you have over 20 different vehicles. Plus, you can tune and customize each one of the vehicles, changing the parts you want, applying different paint, etc.

Torque Drift Mod APK is an excellent 3D driving game that offers a precise control system, outstanding graphics, and the possibility to play online against players from all over the world. To top it all off, in the settings, you can adjust the graphics to adapt them for your Android device.


Sit tight everyone, Update 2.14.0 is excited to drop a NEW livery for you this update – Dylan Hughes FD 2022! We’ve made some changes to St. Louis’ track layout in preparation for Round 5: #FDSTL as we are OFFICIALLY past the halfway mark this season! We’re tightening up some more bolts for this update with a focus on controller mapping UI reworks, car tweaks, crate rebalancing, improving track layouts, and overall maintenance work for a more refined gameplay experience!

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Unlimited Gold*increase
Unlimited money*increase

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